Independence Oaks County Park, Clarkston, Michigan


Clarkston Back Roads Half Marathon Pace Team

Since 2014, the Your Pace or Mine (YPOM) Running Club has been honored to be the official pace team for the

Clarkston Back Roads Half Marathon.

If you are trying to hit a goal of between 1:40 and 2:45 for this race, consider utilizing these experienced runners on this challenging course. Or run with them if you just want company. The pacers will mostly run a consistent pace throughout the race, in a sense they will be a moving clock that you can use to gauge how you are doing. The pace teams can help keep you honest, help keep you from going out too fast at the start, and help distract you when the going gets tough.

Look for the pacers before the race, they will be easy to find. Each pace team will have a sign with their finish time on it. No special registration or signup needed, just join them for all or part of the race. They will offer encouragement, advice and answer questions during the race. 



WHAT PACE TIMES WILL BE OFFERED? Pace Leaders will be leading these finish times: 1:40 (7:38/mile), 1:50 (8:23/mile), 2:00 (9:09/mile), 2:10 (9:55/mile), 2:20 (10:41/mile), 2:30 (11:27/mile), 2:45 (12:35/mile) 

WHAT PACE GROUP SHOULD I BE IN? Hard to say, you are the best to answer this question. If you find yourself in between two times, it is usually best to choose the slower time. If halfway through the race you are feeling good, then speed up. Most people pick the more aggressive time and then fade badly in the second half. The biggest danger is starting out too fast or overestimating your ability. If you have no idea as to what pace you should run because you've never run this distance in a race before, find the pacers beforehand and ask their advice. Based on shorter races you've run or your training speed they can probably give you a good target pace.




HOW WILL THE PACERS BE RUNNING THE RACE? Every pace leader will be holding a steady pace throughout the course. Think of them as a moving clock. Each mile should be at the same pace. Or at least very close, we are human after all.

WHERE WILL MY PACE LEADERS BE ON RACE MORNING? You will see the Your Pace or Mine tent near the starting area before the race. The pacers will be there and within 15 minutes of the start of the race they will assemble in the starting area. The pacers will have signs with their finish time on them, so find the time you want and start near them. 

WHAT IF I AM USING THE GALLOWAY (RUN/WALK) METHOD? You can still use the pace groups even if you’re using the run-walk method. The pace leaders will not use run-walk, but if your average pace remains constant you will simply pass them when you run and get passed when you walk. 

IF I JOIN A PACE GROUP DO I HAVE TO STAY WITH THEM FOR THE WHOLE RACE? Nope. Runners often tire later in the race and fall behind, especially when they are shooting for an ambitious time. If you have to fall back, then do so. Conversely, if you are feeling good later in the race and want to go ahead, do so! The biggest mistake people make is starting too fast, so be careful those first few miles.

I'D LOVE TO SEE WHAT THESE FABULOUS PACERS LOOK LIKE AND HEAR A LITTLE ABOUT THEM. Wow, what a coincidence, you can see and read about them below!


1:40 Pacer

Start with us, finish with us, or join us anywhere along the way if you want to run some of the race at a 7:35-7:40 pace, or 1hr 40min total. If you are thinking about a PR or just a fun group to run with, you've found the right place.


Keep searching the page for other fun pace groups and times!

Jim M.jpg
John C.jpg


1:40 Pacer



1:50 Pacer

I'm Paul and I will be guiding you as half of the 1:50 group. Casey and I will make sure that you make it to the finish line, and have fun while doing it. Like Casey said, the beer is a great reward at the finish, but you can't go wrong with the Mac and Cheese from the Clarkston Union! This race is always a favorite of mine to pace every year, and I'm excited that you are choosing the 1:50 team.


Now a little bit about me: I've been involved with endurance sports for a long time through running, mountain bike racing, and cyclocross racing, and love every minute of it. I used to run cross country back growing up and then picked it up again in 2013 as cross-training for mountain bike racing. I've completed multiple race distances, from 5K all the way through 50K. Some highlights are Detroit Free Press Half and Full, the Grand Island 50K, and the Sun of a Beach Trail Run. ​​


Looking forward to pacing this group and keeping you motivated and churning hard toward toward the finish line!

Paul S.jpg


2:00 Pacer

I started running in 2010 just for fun. My first race was the Crim in 2010. Since then I have become a more competitive runner. So far I have completed 10 full marathons, including 2 Boston Marathon.


Running is more than just a hobby for me, it is a passion and makes me who I am. I love to run with my husband, no matter if it is a race or just a training run.

I am excited to meet you at the race, and to help you reach your goal of 2:00.


1:50 Pacer


Welcome to the 1:50 pace group. My name is Casey this is my 6th year pacing this race. That being said I can guarantee you one thing, the beer at the end is well worth running this race. ​


But a little bit about me. I have ran lots of full marathons, lots of ultras, and countless number of halfs. I enjoy pacing the 1:50 group and my goal is to make your experience with us the best.


We like to pace this group so we come in no more than 1 minute ahead of schedule.



2:00 Pacer


Hey all you amazing runners! I’m excited to be pacing with you for the Clarkston Backroads half marathon.


I’ve been a runner for quite a few years, but didn’t get serious and run my first full marathon until 2015. Now I’m hooked! I’ve been lucky enough to run Boston twice and now hoping to run Chicago next year (with a couple other marathons and lots of half marathons in there too.


The friends I’ve made in the running community are some of my very best friends, and I feel so incredibly lucky to be part of this group. Looking forward to seeing all of you on the trails!


2:10 Pacer


Aloha! I'm Cary, and I am excited to be one of your 2:10 pacers. I've been running big on the Big Island of Hawaii for the last six years, but I am back in Michigan and bringing the aloha spirit to the Clarkston Back Roads.


I've been challenging myself with running for over 23 years and most recently crossed the finish line of the Boston Marathon. I had the most unforgettable pacer experience in 2018, and I hope to be able to pass that along to anyone who is looking for a 2:10 finish.


I look forward to meeting you on race day and getting you to the finish line!



Mike P orig.jpg


2:10 Pacer


This is Mike's 3rd opportunity to pace a half marathon and he's really looking forward to it.   

Mike's background in running is relatively short. He's only been at it for about 3 years. Running a half is his favorite distance. He feels running to be a great activity. It promotes overall good fitness and has allowed him to meet many good people with a common interest.     

Both Cary and Mike look forward to meeting many new runners. They will get you to a 2:10 finish!

Charles E.jpg


2:30 Pacer

Hi everyone, Im happy to be back pacing the Clarkston Back Roads Half Marathon again this year. I started running a few years back with a great running group called YPOM - Your Pace Or Mine.

It's been a great year for running so I plan on cheering and motivating you through this great race course. We will talk your ear off and share funny stories to keep your mind off this fun filled run.



Jim L.jpg

Joe and Coreen

2:45 Pacers


Yes, we're back! Almost identical twins Joe and Coreen have paced together for most of the Back Roads Half Marathons. Well, we're almost identical twins, if you ignore the 16" height difference, difference in complexion, and difference in genders.

Regardless, we're back to make your run through the roads and woods as pleasurable as possible. You won't even notice the gradual inclines in the woods. (Okay, maybe technically they're hills, but if I can fool your brain it will go better.)

So if you want to shoot for a 2:45 finish, bring a positive attitude and a sense of humor and we'll make your race enjoyable. See you there!

Joe & Coreen.jpg

2:30 Pacer


Roxanne and Laura

2:20 Pacers


Roxanne & Laura.jpg