The Your Pace or Mine (YPOM) Running Club is available to pace half marathon and shorter races. We are the official pace team of the Brooksie Way, Clarkston Back Roads, and Let's Move half marathons. We have paced other half marathons as well, and have occasionally paced 10 Mile, 10K and 5K races.

Our goal is to run a consistent pace throughout the race, while at the same time having fun and offering encouragement to those choosing to run with us.

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About the Your Pace or Mine Running Club

The philosophy of the Your Pace or Mine Running Club is to make training runs more enjoyable and to provide support, encouragement and advice to both new and experienced runners of all abilities.

YPOM started at the North Oakland YMCA in December 2006, where the initial group of four members joined together to run twice a week. As the club began to slowly grow, we split from the YMCA. Through friends, chance encounters, Google searches, the number of members exploded.

Through this growth we have maintained our reputation as a highly friendly and supportive group. Waiting at the finish and cheering on until the last member has finished, be it at a race or on a training run is a tradition. As is our cheering and supporting all runners at races, whether they are club members or not.

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Rochester Hills, MI, USA

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